Directly attached to the infrastructure are Networks. Networks can be Value Added mailboxes network (VAN) such as Sterling Commerce, Inovis, GXS, etc, or they can be service providers such as SPS Commerce, CovalentWorks, Trubiquity, etc. They can even be other infrastructures such as the US Federal Government’s GEX or Department of Defense’s DAASC Hub.

Networks on ECGrid can be any electronic commerce system that supports one or more end users. This is important: End Users do not connect to ECGrid as a Network.

Within ECGrid each Network is identified by an Integer value called the NetworkID. You can use NetworkSearch to find the NetworkID by name and NetworkInfo to find the name by NetworkID.

A traditional , such as a VAN, provides its own routing and mailboxing services to its end users. Many Electronic Commerce Service Providers (ECSPs) also provide their own internal mailbox services. Prior to ECGridOS, the ECGrid Infrastructure only provided Network connections without Mailboxes.

With this release of ECGridOS, a complete set of APIs allows the ECGrid attached Network to create and maintain individual mailboxes within their Network connection.
Outlook will use the address assigned to the currently selected mailbox or data file as the default address if it is configured as an account in File, Account Settings. Because a shared account is a secondary account in your profile, Outlook won’t use that address by default when viewing the mailbox.

CompanionLink: Your Data on Your Device.
Contacts. Calendar. Tasks. Memos. Android, BlackBerry, Apple, Windows Phone.
Sync Google Calendar, Contacts, and Tasks with Outlook.
The only way to get around this is to add the shared mailbox to your profile as a mailbox. There can be issues if you have delegate permissions on the shared mailbox or it’s automapped (eg, is added to your profile automatically), so you or your admin will need remove delegate permissions or disable automapping before you add it to your profile. To avoid these problems, create a new profile for the shared mailbox instead.

If the mailbox is added using the Open Additional mailbox command in Account Settings, remove the mailbox from your profile in File, Account Settings, More Settings, Advanced.

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